Beyond A Photograph | Learning how to shoot video

I made this bath time video with my little Annie this past weekend. It’s short and sweet and I love it. Video is so much better than photographs at capturing that little smile of her’s which you see in the very last shot. Video is also so gratifying to put together because it requires way more thinking and planning. For this particular video I had planned out a couple of key shots I wanted to capture.

~ Detail shots, hair, eyes, toes

~ A view from above through the plant

~A blurpopeus shot (is that a word? Not sure…but a blurry shot to give the mood of the bath)

~Underwater shots using my Go Pro

~ Don’t forget sound…the water draining and good music to match the mood of the video which I wanted to be playful.

The total time to shoot the video clips Approx. an hour. I find that for each hour of shooting it will yield about a minute of video once pieced together. Total time to put this short video together ~ approx. 2 hours, probably closer to 3 once I uploaded it and got it loaded onto VIMEO. Was it worth it?! Heck yeah! I’m so glad I took the time to piece this together and I smile every time I watch it. I know that as the years tick by this video will become all the more valuable.

If you would like to learn how to make these precious family videos for yourself or for your clients go to the Hello Story Teller Academy and register for my course Beyond A Photograph . I will walk you through how to create these keepsakes and walk you through each step so it won’t seem so overwhelming. I’m here for you! And I want you to be able to find the joy that I do through filmmaking.