Raleigh, NC family photographer

Spring is finallllly here! This winter wasn’t that bad really but it doesn’t make the arrival of Spring any less exciting. The kids are also tracked out (if you’re reading this and you’re not familiar with NC schools this simply means they are on an extended 3 week break) which means I have more time with them to do the fun spring stuff like exploring.

I had been on the hunt for an old school playground for awhile and one of the ladies from my neighborhood had told me where I could find a seesaw and one of those spiny thingys (for lack of a better word :P ). The kids were close to barfing by the time we were through but it was fun while it lasted. I guess they don’t make kids like they used to! I teased my kids that they would’ve never survived in the 1950’s while thinking to myself that I would’ve either.

We left still spinning but with some memories made.

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