You are 6, you are running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day. Your brother’s are hot on your heels giggling to see who can jump the highest through the water. You can feel the excitement in your chest. The grass is stuck to your toes and legs. Your dad’s music is playing in the background, "our house is a very very very fine house”, your dad sings along with the song. Just then your mom walks out with popsicles, the screen door whapping behind her. You are first to grab the purple one..your gap toothed grin in full view. Your brothers fight over who gets the red popsicle, this is your biggest problem of the day. Sticky sweet juice runs down your arm, you digg your toes into the wet grass give the popscile stick to your mom along with a wet hug. Your dad decides to see what kid he can spray first with the hose, running after you and your brothers as you squeal with giddy excitement. You wish this day would never end.

So you hit rewind and play it again.

You are 31 years old and have your own baby in your arms. You feel tired but your heart is full of love and joy at the family you now have. There’s bottles to be cleaned and the laundry is pilling up. Your husband is working late and you are running on 3 hours of sleep; the baby has been nursing non stop. You feel so grateful to have this memory of your own childhood. It means SO MUCH TO YOU. You have moved across state and don’t see your mom as much as you want to and dad has been gone for 7 years now. Life is so different now. Still every bit as beautiful, just different. You want to make these own precious memories for your own child so that she will have memories like you do. You understand that life is ever changing and the true meaning of life is LOVE and you want to remember that love.

Hi I’m Katie and I love taking pictures and making videos of this wild and precious thing we call life.  

I am a mom, a wife and a daughter. I want to treasure each day and also remember it. It’s my life’s purpose.

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My work has been published in the Dear Photographer Light Issue 2018 and featured in the Dear Photographer Artist Spotlight 2018. I was fortunate enough to photograph images for Rapsody's 2x Grammy nominated album Laila's Wisdom (2017). I've been featured Fearless and Framed 16 Inspiring Family Documentary Photography Sessions of 2016Candid Childhood Artist Spotlight , and runner-up in the {TML} International Photography Competition I love to travel for my clients whether it be across the state or accross the country but call Apex, NC my home with my husband Bob and our three kids Jack, Will and Annie.