Finding moments of peace during the Christmas overwhelm

The Christmas season came and went again in the blink on an eye. And just like last year I piled way too much on my plate and just like last year I was so freaking exhausted and run down like I was in years past. It’s such a struggle to balance home, house work and my number one priority of being an excellent mom and wife. One of these day’s I will appreciate the craziness of it all. One day. My mom and others make me feel like I’m crazy for not LOVING Christmas and don’t get me wrong when I was a kid I LOVEEEED Christmas. But adulting at Christmas is not my thing. To those of you that can rock out Christmas and still fit into your skinny jeans stress free and well rested on Christmas day I salute you! Like I really do. For now I’ll share with you a time where I really did soak up the enjoyment of Christmas and that was when me and the kids baked Christmas cookies. It really was so fun to make a mess and indulge in all that icing (and yes I did lick the spoon, it was delish!)

I am really looking forward to getting into the new year and all the exciting goals and dreams that a new year brings. And I’ll be sharing those goals with you all soon. Until then enjoy the sugary goodness and if you’re interested in making sticky sweet memories like this for your own contact me and we can book your session.