Why newborn hospital sessions are everything

I just recently had some newborn business cards made and while I was going through and choosing the photos to feature on the cards I was brought back to the raw emotion of hospital sessions. I think the emotion comes from a place deep inside of remembrance of how much life changed with each baby and how it does too for the women I have the privilege of photographing. The act of bringing a child into the world is emotionally and physically draining and the hours that follow at the hospital or birthing center are equally draining. I would describe it as a fog, time moves so slow and so fast at the same time. The nurses are constantly checking on you for what seems to be every 5 minutes. This can be relieving to a new mom or a bit aggrivating by baby #2. And then there’s the challenge of nursing which if you are like me, you found yourself crying and exhausted failing at each try. The lactation consultant tried her best to show me all of the different methods of breastfeeding, “hold it like a sandwhich” was my favorite piece of advice from my well meaning nurse trying to show me how to hold my breast. The whole experience is a little bit insane! But there is a ton of great things that happen inside those tiny and uncomfortable 4 little walls, breastfeeding stuggles and mesh panties set aside.

You fall in love in a way you never knew exisisted. You can read all the books and prepare for the birth but there is nothing in the world like meeting your child for the first time. It truly is love at first sight. And the pictures and videos that are made during these sessions are magic for this reason alone. I get to capture love at first sight for you. Although you may not feel glamoursou believe me when I say that you are truly beautiful. I have never seen anything more beautiful of special than a new mom and dad with their new baby. It’s magic! I can say with 100% certainty that you will never regret having these moments made. A lot of moms first words to me when I enter their hospital room is “oh I look terrible” or “I look so tired” . I get it. And I’ve been there. I have some pretty hanious pictures of myself taken by my darling hubby. They are really funny and yes cute after 10 years have past! But we didn’t hire a photographer! The thought didn’t even cross our minds. Now looking back I would die to have photos of this time in our lives. I just wish I was a little wiser at the time. Even so I still treasure the photos that we do have. For those of your smart ladies that entrust me with your precious memories you can rest assured that I am here to make you feel beautiful and show you the love and connection you have with your brand new baby. I’m there to capture the love and the connection in a beautiful and aritistic way. I simply ask that you trust me. As one of my sweet new moms told me about here video and photos

“I’m literally bawling. I’m absolutlely in love with it!!!!! It’s everything I hoped for and more. I honesltly can’t thank you enough. I love that we’ll have these special memories to look back on forever!” ~L

If you are on the fence about capturing your time at the hospital please contact me and let me reassure you that it’s the right decision. You are on your way to documenting your family story, and that my sweet mama is priceless.