To my children from mommy with love

We’ve been tracked out now going on our third week. I’ve been teaching video at the Hello Storyteller Academy “Beyond a Photograph” workshop and it’s been so fullfilling and seeing all of my students learn video had me feeling guilty about not documenting my own kids enough. I also really wanted to remember this track out because it’s been a really fun one. Unlike the winter track outs Spring brings with it beautiful weather and the excitement of being outdoors again.

My kids love love love fishing. Especially my oldest, he’s happiest when he catches a little minnow and then gets to bring it home and keep it as a pet. It’s so sweet to watch him find these little friends and bring them home. My daughter is a little less enthused about the fishing and a little more excited about the ice cream. So I devised an afternoon out for ice cream eating at our favorite local ice cream shop Mama Birds Cookies and Cream and fishing at Bass Lake and I also made a point to show my face a couple of times. This video is intended for my kids and for me and I know if they’re anything like me they’ll treasure these memories with me in them. I can’t tell you how much longer it is that I gaze at a photo that has my mother in it versus one with just my siblings. I think us parents forget just how important it is to be in pictures and in videos. It really is going to mean everything to our kids someday.

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