Family + Popsicles+ Sprinkler time

Nadine had called me looking to book a session to capture her visit from her sister and her niece. Her sister visits from the west coast as much as possible but it’s a special treat every time they get to see each other. The cousins and the sisters are thick as thieves and Nadine made it clear that this time together was super important to document. There was dancing, chalk drawing, popsicle eating and some wine for the grows ups. I left at the sunset feeling grateful for having been invited to witness all the love and the fun this family had to share. I whipped the chalk off of my butt and fixed my matted down hair from the sprinkler and the sweat as I looked in the rear view mirror of my car. It was surely a sign of an amazing an memorable gallery that I was able to hand down to both sisters. In the end both had a beautiful story to look back on in the form of an album to remember the time spent together.

The time is now to capture all the love you have in your family! Contact me and lets make memories for your family to enjoy for years to come.