The importance of taking a step back

This past week we headed to the mountains as a family to de-stress and do some reflecting. Leading up to our great escape we’d had a house fire in our rental property that left us with a ton of work, fighting with the insurance company and paying some pretty expensive bills to cover all of the damages the insurance company would not. Not to mention it was my busy season (Nov-Dec) and I was run down and tired, oh and yeah, there’s that thing call Christmas which totally kicks my ass every year. (Sorry I’m not one of those super happy moms that delights in the JOY that Christmas brings). Rather I’m the kind of mom who is always running behind, doesn’t want to buy a bunch of junk but want my kids to be happy. It’s just not my thang. After Christmas came and went we got news that my Grandpa had passed away (totally expected but still emotionally draining…and left me reflecting on how short life…a blog post for another day!). During this time my husband also left his crazy-stressful job of 14 years leaving a gap in-between jobs, the perfect time for a family getaway, even if it was in the middle of winter and freezing cold. It was needed!

And here’s what I took away from it

I love ping pong!!!


I’m an introvert. I’ve always know this but being alone with family brought my stress levels down to almost ZERO. It’s not the kids or the hubby that stresses me out, it’s the 1,000 notifications from Facebook, Instagram, text, and email. The kids play dates, drop offs, pick ups, birthday parties, grown up parties, lunch dates, bills to pay, errands to run, the house to clean, and of course that huge ass pile of laundry that lets be honest won’t go away (and yes when it does I’ll be sad because we’ll be empty nesters).

Anywho the break left me feeling refreshed. I could think again. I had a clear head when we got home. Selling those Girl Scout cookies seemed like no big deal (yes this stresses me out…introverts aren’t in to door-to-door sales even when they are selling the best cookies on the planet) . I can see life more clearly after stepping back and taking a breath.

Life is good, I have so much to be grateful for. To make my life a little more zen I need to say NO more and simplify whereever I can. Time is precious so I need to make sure I spend this 2019 meeting my personal goals and growing….and I feel like this was a growth trip.