Documenting a milestone birthday

I always knew that having my baby grow up would be hard. My last baby. After all, I had cried when each of the boys went off to kindergarten. In fact lets be honest it was more like sobbing uncontrollably. Lets just say I'm not one to hold in my emotions . So when my littlest Annie girl turned 5 I was a little sad. It's such a big girl age and the end of an era. 


No more diaper changes, no more days napping together after a really crappy nights sleep. No more hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. No more potty training. It's all done. And yeah it makes me sad. 


I can honestly say I loved the baby stage. All of it. Sure it was hard, but I still felt totally at home in the world of sleepless nights, snuggles, crying and drool. 


The world of homework, school bus stops, and science fairs doesn't so far seem to mesh all that well with me. And don't even get me started on the teenage years. 


So yes it's a little sad. My mom and I took Annie out to eat for lunch on her birthday and I couldn't help but notice a coarse, gray hair popping up from my head as I looked in the bathroom mirror at the restaurant. The fresh faced mom of yesterday isn't so fresh faced after 9 years of mothering. Yet I wouldn't trade it for the world. 


So here's to my girl turning 5 and us both growing up.