Rachel and Becca owners of Babies On The Move

"As a new business teaching infant movement classes, one of the challenges that we had was helping our potential clients see what exactly it is that we do. We used a variety of advertising, but we found that these methods didn't always communicate everything we wanted to say to potential clients.  To fill this gap, we worked with Katie Jennings to develop a video that gave clients a real time look at the classes that we offer.  Now, families are able to watch the video and see us in action to more fully understand the service that we offer.  The video Katie made has helped us reach and attract more clients, as they can see what we are doing and want to be a part of it.  When we posted our video on Facebook, it received at least double the amount of views than any of our other posts.  For the services that we offer, the real time images from our video are priceless in showing our potential clients what their experience with our company will be. We couldn't be more appreciative of the great work that Katie did and the ability she gave us to showcase our business in a new and valuable way so that we can continue to extend our reach to new clients. "




Sunrise Preschool Brand Video