Includes a 1.5hr session at the hospital + a 2hr In-Home Newborn Session. You may choose to have a custom film made or photos combining both the hospital and the In-Home session.  

For newborn films add +$500 additional for photography.

Why do this? Simply because I have too many past clients that regret not having photos and films made during the hospital sessions. Believe it or not babies change so much even from the time they are brought home from the hospital. Having both the Fresh 48 and In-Home session truly tells the story of your family growing during this amazing time.  


You will never regret documenting this special and brief time in the hospital. Without photos or film from this time it will most certainly all be a blur. Fresh 48 sessions last 1hr. during which I will document the beginning of your life together as a family. This is a time for you to revel in the new memories you are making as you start or expand your family. Your handcrafted images will preserve this very special time in your family's life so you'll never forget what is was like when your heart doubled in size



In-Home Newborn

In-home newborn sessions capture your life at home with your new baby, the first feedings, the sibling love, all the good stuff that naturally happens when you grow your family with a new tiny person to love.  The moments captured here are organic, your life as it is with your new sweet baby by your side. 

Investment begins at $800